eServices is the electronic application service of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Through eServices the student can apply for his/her degree certificate when graduating, apply for RPL (recognition of prior learning), exemption (from mandatory studies) or competence demonstration and handle applications regarding your study right (resignation, return and extension of study right). The teaching staff of SAMK are the handlers of the applications.


The eServices guide video (Youtube) shows how you can:

  • 0:36 Apply for an exemption from mandatory language studies
  • 1:33 Apply for RPL by either inclusion or substitution
  • 4:21 Apply for competence demonstration
  • 6:13 Get your degree certificate when graduating
  • 7:36 Resign from the university

Ordering a study certificate and applying for the extension/return of your study right are not in the video as they require little information.


The address of eServices is