Tuudo is a mobile application designed to help students in higher education institutions to access their study records and other student-life related services i n a simpler and easier way.

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Course feedback

Course feedback is collected at SAMK from all the courses. The feedback is not only a tool for  internal development but it also functions as an instrument to show the students´ satisfaction with the courses. Good feedback is constructive, well-founded and gives a good basis for developing the implementation.

Course feedback is given on mobile app Tuudo. Once the course has ended on a date marked on Loki, the following working day the students will receive a message on Tuudo and also email to give feedback during the following 10 days. During this period, they will get a reminder if they have not given feedback.

When the students have given their feedback, it is the teachers´ time to act and give counter feedback to those students, who had given feedback. This takes place within 14 days since the ending of the students´ feedback period. Even if the teacher did not give counter feedback, the students will receive on Tuudo a summary of the feedback of the implementations where they have given feedback.

So, be active and make a difference – besides you, it will help other students and teachers to develop their course implementations.