Loki is the study management system of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. In Loki the offered study curricula is built and deployed through various desktops.


Students desktop (PAKKI) - Through this desktop the students can view and modify their PSP, enrol to courses, enrol to the semester and update their personal information.

Teachers desktop - Here the teachers create realizations of courses based on the curricula offered, manage student enrolments and grade the courses.

Planners desktop - Here all the curricula, courses and other training packages are created, published and managed, including the resource and year planning of the academic year.

Study management desktop - The desktop the student services use to manage student information, study rights, semester enrolments and graduation.

Pääkäyttäjän työpöytä - Administrative desktop for the administrators to manage the desktops listed above.

The address of Loki is https://loki.samk.fi.