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What is Wihi and what do I do with it?

  • Wihi is a system made for thesis management where future theses will be instructed. Both the advisor(s) and student will communicate and advance the thesis through the whole thesis process in Wihi.
  • Coordinator is a supporting role in the system ja the main function for him/her is to accept thesis topic proposals and attach advisors to them. The coordinator can also monitor the progress of theses in the system.


Who will use Wihi?

  • All the degree programs with the new 5+5+5 cr (Bachelor) or 10+10+10 cr (Master) structure.
    • Exceptions:
      • Bachelors with the old 4+4+2+5 cr structure.
      • Masters with the old 5+5+5+15 cr structure.


What do I do in Wihi?

  • The thesis will be managed through Wihi. Both the student and the advisor work on the thesis through Wihi from the beginning of the process until the end.
  • The coordinators task is to connect the topic proposal to an advisor for the thesis process to begin. The advisor then can add secondary advisors and inspectors to the thesis.


Where can I find Wihi?

  • Wihi can be found at https://samk.wihi.fi. There is a language switcher on the upper right corner of the page after login.


How do I start using Wihi?

  • After the advisor and the student have agreed on starting the thesis process the student will create a thesis topic proposal in Wihi.
  • The student or the advisor will then inform the coordinator about the topic proposal after which the coordinator will either accept or decline the proposal. After accepting the topic proposal the coordinator will finally attach the advisor to the thesis so the two of them can finally begin the thesis process.
    • The student can access the thesis workspace after the thesis proposal has been accepted but with limited functionality without the advisor.
  • The coordinator can add both the advisor and the 2. evaluator during the topic proposal phase by choosing it from the proposal list and then pressing add advisor/evaluator. In the popup that opens you can then choose both of them.
  • The student can edit the information on his/her topic proposal until the last thesis phase (3/3), so if the proposal is missing information or has typos etc. it can still be accepted and edited later on in the process.


Anything else I should know?

  • Even though the thesis progression has moved to Wihi we still follow the proper thesis etiquette as stated here: https://www.samk.fi/en/thesis-instructions/
  • The student will automatically get accepted grades to his/her personal study plan of the thesis when advancing in Wihi through the actual thesis work phases. Exceptions are the Masters theses which are not automatically graded until 31.07.2022.
  • Only the owner of messages and files in a still active phase can delete them. Once the phase has been accepted and you move to the next one the information in the previous phase will be locked.
  • The coordinator can change the advisors and inspectors of the thesis in the active projects tab:
    • Choose the thesis project (tick the box).
    • Modify the advisors (can also change an existing one).
  • Before the evaluation can be accepted in the phase “Thesis 3/3” the work needs to:
    • Be plagiarism checked and approved by the advisor.
    • Be evaluated by all evaluators of the thesis.
      • You can attach anyone as a secondary advisor or inspector to the thesis.
      • Bachelors theses don't need any additional evaluators.
  • In the end once the thesis has been evaluated the student has to upload the thesis to the national archive Theseus.
    • From Theseus the student will get a permanent address for his/her thesis (format http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi:..), which has to be updated to Wihi by him/her, which will then by turn update the final grade to his/her PSP in Loki.
    • Even if the students thesis would be denied publication this will be archived in Theseus, check the up-to-date information here: https://oiva.samk.fi/en/thesis/completion-of-the-thesis/
  • The coordinator can choose what topic proposal he/she wants to see by adding a degree program filter in the proposals view. After adding a filter (f. ex. EY, LT etc.) no other degree program topics will be shown to the coordinator.
  • The students have been instructed to add their group name into the specialization field which the coordinator can see in the topic proposals tab. This will help the coordinator further filter the students in different campuses (f.ex. Business in Pori, Rauma and Huittinen have different group codes, ALT19SH, ALT19SP).
  • The coordinator receives notifications from Wihi based on the settings they have setup.


Where can I find more information on Wihi?

  • This site is the most up-to-date place for Wihi guides.
  • eSAMK Support has a Youtube-channel where you can find short videos on all the education systems of SAMK, including Wihi: https://www.youtube.com/user/SAMKSoleHOPS


Can you give an example of the thesis process?

  1. The student creates a topic proposal.
  2. Team lead or another person with coordinators role accepts the proposal and attaches you into the thesis workspace.
  3. After you have been attached to the thesis the student will get full functionality of the workspace:
    1. Save the thesis agreement and thesis plan to Wihi in this phase.
    2. Arrange a beginning meeting with your student.
    3. If needed, tell the student to update and correct his/her topic information given in topic proposal.
    4. When the advisors sees fit they can advance the thesis to the next phase.
  4. In the phase ”Thesis 1/3” and “Thesis 2/3” the student will advance the thesis with your support.
    1. When going through phases 1/3 to 2/3 and 2/3 to 3/3 the student will get an accepted grade to his/her PSP in Loki.
    2. Additionally, you will arrange a halfway meeting with you’re the student during the phase “Thesis 2/3”.
  5. After arriving at phase ”Thesis 3/3” the student will finalize his/her work and you will arrange the final meeting and maturity exam. The student will upload the final version of his/her thesis to the plagiarism check before being graded by you.
    1. The final version of the thesis needs to be sent to plagiarism check and accepted only once through Wihi.
  6. After the thesis has been evaluated and you have advanced to the last phase called “Entry of thesis grade into registry” the student will take the final, evaluated version of his/her thesis to Theseus and bring the URN-link of the thesis back to Wihi.
    1. The student will follow the instructions to save his/her work into Theseus.
  7. When the link has been confirmed by you the thesis process will be concluded successfully and the student can now download the evaluation statement from Wihi.