Studying at SAMK

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Feedback and Complaint

You can give course feedback via the Tuudo mobile application.

You can give feedback on SAMK’s operations.

Are you unsatisfied with SAMK’s operations? Do you want to make a complaint and get a response to it?

Accesibility of Studying

Accessibility of studying means implementation of a physical, mental and social learning environment which guarantees that every student has equal rights of action.

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Recognition of prior learning (RPL/AHOT)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL/AHOT) promotes lifelong learning. A university student is given the opportunity to demonstrate that, through prior learning, he or she masters the learning outcomes regardless of where or how the competence has been acquired. The competence must correspond with the learning objectives of the curriculum of the study program.

You may apply for recognition of learning acquired earlier as a part of your degree program. If you want your competence to be recognized, you should contact the degree program coordinator at the initial stages of your studies.

Language Studies: Recognision of prior learning

Language Studies: Demonstration of competence

Exemption from compulsory language studies

Alumni Activities

Alumni activities are a connection between SAMK and its graduates.

You can send your contact information to SAMK’s alumni register. You will receive SAMK’s newsletter into your mail twice a year.

Registering yourself as SAMK's alumni does not oblige you to anything, but you stay informed of what happens in SAMK, and what SAMK could offer to you in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence at Satakunta University of Applied Science